Welcome to LOTAR International

LOTAR is an international consortium of Aerospace manufacturers, jointly facilitated by AIA, ASD-Stan, prostep ivip and PDES, Inc.

LOTAR Overview

The prime objective is the creation and deployment of the EN/NAS 9300 series of standards for long-term archiving and retrieval of digital data, based on standardized approaches and solutions. The integration of LOTAR requirements into software tools is ensured by close cooperation with the MBx Interoperability Forum.




LOTAR International is a major project being conducted by leading OEMs, suppliers, and solution providers in the aerospace and defense industry, striving to develop global standard-based archival and retrieval mechanisms for digital product and technical information.



LOTAR Organization

The development of a worldwide accepted standard for long term archiving of a 3D master and product structure is an international collaboration of five hosting organizations. The project is conducted in a distributed manner, using regular online meetings for management tasks as well as on the working group level, combined with physical team meetings alternating between Europe and the US for joint discussions.



LOTAR Workgroups

The LOTAR project is organized in different workgroups. Each WG is comprised of subject matter experts and develops the corresponding parts of the LOTAR standard as well as related documents. Scope areas include 3D Mechanical CAD with PMI, PDM, Composites, Electrical Harness, Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), as well as Engineering Analysis and Simulation (EAS).



Dates & Communication

Throughout each year, the LOTAR project meets at four workshops online or at alternating locations in Europe and the USA. In addition, there is a number of LOTAR-related events where the project is being presented, or which share the topic of long-term archiving and retrieval. The project also issues regular progress reports and news articles to publicize its work.



LOTAR Standard

The main deliverable of the project is the LOTAR standard. It is based on the ISO 14721 “Open Archival Information System (OAIS)” Reference Model. The documents for the standard are published as the European Norm (EN) 9300-xxx series under ASD-STAN in Europe and as the National Aerospace Standard (NAS) 9300-xxx in the USA under AIA.