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Metadata for Archival Package Workgroup

Goals and Objectives

The objective of the “Metadata for Archival Package” Working Group is to develop, publish and maintain a standard for Metadata for Archive Packages in a neutral form that can be read and reused independently of changes in the IT application environment originally used for creation.

The specific goal of the “Metadata for AP” Working Group is to define the principles, processes, information standards and quality criteria for metadata associated with the various information packages identified in the OAIS standard.
Based on the OAIS archive data process, the picture below identifies the main Archival Packages to be specified in the Aerospace and Defence industry:

  • Submission Information Package (SIP)
  • Archival Information Packages (AIP)
  • Dissemination Information Package (DIP)

LOTAR Metadata for Archival Package

Associated LOTAR use cases

The LOTAR standard part 021 will answer to the following use cases:

Name (proposal) Status
LT Archiving and Retrieval of CAD 3D mechanical information
Definition of Archive Information Packages for CAD data (Part 100)
LT Archiving and Retrieval of CAD 3D visualization
Definition of the metadata relevant for “visualization package”
(linkage between CAD 3D definition data and visualization data)
LT Archiving and Retrieval of PDM “as designed”
Definition of Archive Information Packages for PDM data (Part 210)

LOTAR standards for the “Metadata for Archive Package”

The planned NAS / EN 9300 standard for the Long Term Preservation of Metadata for AP is the following:

Part Title (under review) Ballot date
021 Long Term Archiving and Retrieval of Meta data for Archival Packages TBC

Associated ISO 10303 referenced Information model

  • The LOTAR standards do not define specific information models for Long Term preservation. The working Group recommends the use of the ISO 10303 Application Protocols, based on the modular architecture, which ensures the consistency of the information models subsets, common to several ISO 10303 parts.
  • In this perspective, the LOTAR standard 01X will be based on the ISO 10303 STEP AP 239 “Product Life Cycle Support” (PLCS) standard and will rely on a STEP AP239 guidelines for implementation:
    • A common core set of meta data
    • Other extensions for particular use cases


Way of working – meetings and teleconferences

The “Metadata for Archive Package” Workgroup currently works under the umbrella of the Basic & Common Parts Workgroup.


  • Identification of initial business requirements, and start of the state of the arts.
  • Coordination set up with the LOTAR PDM working group.

External relations


Please use the contact form to get in touch with us if you would like more information about the team, workgroup activities and output, or discuss participating in the topic. The team co-chairs are:

Workgroup Leader Europe

Torben Lindemann
Airbus Defence & Space

Workgroup Leader Americas

Jeff Klein
The Boeing Company