LOTAR Standard

Overview on Parts

The LOTAR group decided to split the documentation according to the agreed work packages in different parts. The modular based concept provides a higher degree of usability and adaptability.

LOTAR Overview on Parts

Basic Parts

The Basic Parts provide an overview about the essential information on long time archiving and retrieval of 3D model and product structure data.

Number Name Status Index
prEN/NAS 9300-001 Structure released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-002 Requirements released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-003 Fundamentals and Concepts released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-004 Description Methods released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-005 Authentication and Verification released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-007 Terms and References released PDF

Common Process Parts

The Common Process Parts define the main process steps of archiving and retrieval of 3D model and product structure data in a detailed and common manner.

Number Name Status Index
prEN/NAS 9300-010 Overview Data Flow released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-011 Data Preparation released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-012 Ingest released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-013 Archival Storage released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-014 Retrieval released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-015 Removal released PDF

Data Domain Specific Parts

The Data Domain Specific Parts contain requirements and definitions for specific types of data related to long time archiving and retrieval. So far descriptions for CAD 3D model data and Product Data Management (PDM) data exist.

LOTAR Processes & Use Cases

The LOTAR information Domain specific standards do not define new product information model standards, but they reference the appropriate ISO 10303 STEP Application Protocols. When limitations of these standards are identified, the LOTAR project contributes to the enhancements of these standards. Example: LOTAR contributions to the AP 242 project and to the harmonization for PDM between AP 242 and AP 239 PLCS.

Number Name Status Index
prEN/NAS 9300-100 Common concepts for Long term archiving and retrieval of CAD 3D mechanical information released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-110 CAD mechanical 3D Explicit geometry information released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-115 Explicit Assembly Structure released PDF
prEN/NAS 9300-200 Fundamentals and Concepts for Long Term Archiving and Retrieval of Products Structure Information released PDF