LOTAR Organization

Fundamentals & Processes

Approach design: Standardized process model using standardized data model

Initial point of process development for LOTAR is the “Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System” (OAIS) published as standard ISO 14721:2003 and developed by the aerospace and defense community. The basic principle has been extended and adopted to meet the specific requirements of LOTAR.

LOTAR Standardized Process

As neutral data type, the STEP AP242 (initially: AP203 and AP214) format (ISO 10303) has been chosen. The decision for STEP as data format bases on the fact that it is currently the most advanced open format.

The STEP standard is a modular based concept with provides branch specific application models, open product description parts and implementation methods for data exchange. Furthermore methods for specification and for conformance testing are defined.

For an easy to understand visualization of LOTAR results the swimlane concept has been used. Below you will find an example out of an already released part.

LOTAR Overview Data Flow