Dates & Communication

Public Presentations

The LOTAR project is presented at a number of events throughout the year, where the project motivation, goals and objectives, current core topics, and results are presented to a general audience. These events are not limited to aerospace and defense, but addressed to user representatives from various manufacturing industries and across multiple levels of management.

The intent is to provide a comprehensive summary of the project, and to promote the development and use of the EN/NAS 9300 series standard.

In the table below, you will find a selection of recent LOTAR presentations given at such events, for download.

Conference Date/Venue Content  
prostep ivip Web Seminar 27 Oct 2023
Overview of the LOTAR standard and its application in industry PDF
Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS) 18-21 September 2023
Phoenix, AZ, USA
prostep ivip Symposium 3-4 May 2023
Stuttgart, Germany
How to make your Data as durable as your Products PDF
Southern Europe Systems Engineering Tour (SESE) 11-12 May 2022
Borgomanero, Italy
Systems Engineering for a Sustainable World PDF
A&D PLM Action Group: PLM Road Map Fall 2021 5 Dec 2021
The Business Value of Standards-based Information Interoperability for Aerospace & Defense PDF
prostep ivip Web Seminar 29 Jan 2021
Overview of the LOTAR project and LOTAR standards PDF
INDEX 2018 – International Nuclear Digital Experience Conference 25-26 Jun 2018
Paris, France
Overview of EN 9300 LOTAR standards for long term archiving and retrieval of digital technical product information PDF
Designing the Future Landscape: Digital Architecture, Design and Engineering Assets 16 Nov 2017
Washington, D.C., USA
Model-based Enterprise and Long-term Archiving PDF
AFNeT Standardization Days 10 Apr 2017
Paris, France
Overview of EN9300 LOTAR, status of use, 5 years roadmap PDF
PROSTEP iViP Webinar 27 Nov 2015
Long-term archiving in the Aerospace industry: LOTAR usage scenarios and solutions PDF
Long Term Preservation 5 Nov 2015
Darmstadt, Germany
Recent progresses of the LOTAR international project PDF
CEO 2015 Annual PLM Experience 26-30 Apr 2015
Charleston, SC, USA
Overview of the LOTAR project and LOTAR standards PDF
prostep ivip Web Seminar 25 Apr 2014
Overview of the LOTAR project and workgroups PDF
Digital Preservation Coalition Workshop 27 Jul 2013
Bath, UK
Overview of the LOTAR project and LOTAR standards PDF
PLM Harmonization Center 5 Jun 2013
Paris, France
Overview of NAS/EN 9300 LOTAR standards and ISO STEP AP 242 “managed model based 3D Engineering” PDF
LOTAR conference organized by the GIFAS 29 May 2012
Paris, France
Overview of the LOTAR project and LOTAR standards, Status of implementation in Europe PDF
Collaboration & Interoperability Congress 21.-23. May 2012
Denver, CO, USA
LOng Term Archival & Retrieval of Digital Product & Technical Data (LOTAR) PDF
ProSTEP iViP Symposium 2012 09-10 May 2012
Hamburg, Germany
Use of LOTAR standards in the European Aerospace and Defence Industry PDF
World Manufacturing Forum 16-17 May 2011
Como Lake, Italy
A Business Case for Long-Term Archiving & Retrieval of the Model-Based Enterprise’s Data PDF
ProSTEP iViP Symposium 2011 5-6 Apr 2011
Munich, Germany
The LOTAR international project, link with the governance of open PLM interoperability standards PDF
LOTAR organized by the GALIA – GIFAS and GFUC associations 25 Jan 2011
Paris, France
Overview of the LOTAR International project and of the NAS9300 / EN9300 standard PDF