Jean-Yves Delaunay: A well-earned Retirement

Jean-Yves Delaunay: A well-earned Retirement

5 July 2022

After more than 32 years with Airbus, Jean-Yves Delaunay retired on 3 June 2022. Jean-Yves has been a passionate proponent of standards-based data exchange in general, and STEP in particular.

He has taken the lead in Long-Term Archiving and Retrieval of digital product data on the European side since the activity was launched by ASD-Stan in 2002 and has been the prostep ivip chair for the LOTAR International project since its foundation in 2009. He also represented the CAx Interoperability Forum since mid-2017 and took an active role in many other projects concerning the development and dissemination of STEP.

During his career, Jean-Yves has always been an energetic advocate for the importance of interoperability standards and their unambiguous implementation for sustainable and efficient digital collaboration. Projects such as LOTAR and the CAx-IF owe a great part of their success to his energy and perseverance. To say that Jean-Yves has unbounded enthusiasm would be an understatement.

“Jean-Yves leadership, dedication, and enthusiasm for the work has grown the LOTAR organization over many years. His mentorship to new leaders and working groups has provided a foundation for sustained growth of the organization and will in turn provide for the growth of aerospace and other industries. It has been a pleasure working with Jean-Yves these many years and I know he will continue to be an example for all of us in making the most of his retirement. Congratulations!” – Jeff Klein, LOTAR International Co-Leader.

His responsibilities in the prostep ivip activities will be taken over by Bernd Feldvoss, who can also rely on extensive experience in standards deployment and, as chair of the Technical Steering Committee, is very familiar with the prostep ivip processes and project landscape.

We wish both, Jean-Yves and Bernd, all the best for the new challenges that await them.