Memorandum of Understanding between NAFEMS, AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip on behalf of LOTAR and CAE-IF

Memorandum of Understanding between NAFEMS, AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip on behalf of LOTAR and CAE-IF

6 December 2019

To formalize the cooperation with the LOTAR Engineering Analysis and Simulation Working Group (EAS WG) and the CAE Interoperability Forum (CAE-IF), a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between NAFEMS and the associations supporting LOTAR and the CAE-IF: AFNeTPDES, Inc. and prostep ivip. This MoU extends the first MoU between LOTAR EAS WG and NAFEMS in 2016. The objective is to accelerate wider implementation of the ISO STEP AP209 edition 2 standard “Multidisciplinary analysis and design” for capturing engineering analysis and simulation data in addition to CAD data for long term archiving and retrieval, and to foster the development of extended capabilities for the AP209 international standard.

The MoU is focusing on working together to:

  • Continue the outreach to CAE solution providers for collaboration in support of:
    • Developing additional features for the STEP AP209 interfaces that are underway and further defining recommended practices for their use
    • Validation of the STEP AP209 interfaces via the CAE-IF as they mature
  • Expand the LOTAR standards for simulation and analysis to include more technical domains and extensions of STEP or other industry standards for data exchange
  • Extend the industry outreach beyond aerospace and defense regarding LOTAR of EAS data via regional conferences, websites, publications, etc.
  • Provide a means of communicating with representatives of CAE solution providers that are members of their respective organizations
  • Engage with technical working groups within each other’s organization
  • Collaborate in educating users and suppliers of LOTAR best practices for EAS data.

The major interactions between all the parties are depicted in the figure below. In the frame of this collaboration, a demonstration of STEP AP209 based data exchange was presented live during the NAFEMS World Congress 2019.

Major interactions between the parties involved in the MoU to support the LOTAR EAS WG and the CAE-IF