prostep ivip Web Seminar: LOTAR on 27 October

prostep ivip Web Seminar: LOTAR on 27 October

16 October 2023

Increasingly intelligent products and the advancement of systems engineering methods in their development are leading to an ever-increasing amount of digital product data being created in fast-paced IT environments. On the other hand, record-keeping obligations arise that require this data to be kept in a usable form for at least as long as the products are in operation. Ensuring this is the goal of LOTAR.

LOTAR is a project under the joint auspices of AIA, ASD-Stan, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip association. It aims to develop, implement, test, pilot, publish, and maintain standards for long-term archiving and retrieval of digital product and technical information. This includes CAD and PDM data, composites, wire harnesses, MBSE artifacts and CAE simulation data. The multi-part standard describes both the information content and the processes for recording, storing, managing and accessing information. The documents are published as parts of the EN/NAS-9300 series of standards.

The web seminar taking place on 27 October 2023 at 14:00 CEST provides an overview of the LOTAR project and offers insights into how the project is run and organized. You will receive information on:

  • what is being done within the LOTAR project,
  • which working groups are active,
  • what requirements the LOTAR standard covers,
  • how you can participate and contribute to this project.

The web seminar is aimed at anyone interested in the long-term archiving of digital product data and invites experts from other industries in particular to benefit from the LOTAR concepts developed and used in the aerospace industry.

Speaker: Bernd Feldvoss (Airbus) is European co-project leader for LOTAR. He has been involved in data exchange (both internal and external) at Airbus for 25 years and has been responsible for PLM Interoperability Standards in development for processes, methods, tools and data for about 1.5 years. His goal is to work with partners to exchange, manage and archive not only 3D data but also information such as MBSE, simulations, electrical/electronic etc. throughout the life cycle.

You can download the presentation given during the Web Seminar on the Public Presentations page.