Joint LOTAR and MBx-IF Workshops

11 November 2021

The LOTAR project, defining requirements for the long-term archiving and retrieval of digital product data across a wide variety of domains, has a long-standing tradition of working closely together with the related interoperability forums to ensure those requirements are readily supported in authoring tools and STEP interfaces. From 20-24 September 2021, more than 50 participants […]


prostep ivip web seminar: LOTAR

12 January 2021

The goal of the LOTAR project is to develop, test, pilot, publish and maintain standards designed to provide the capability to archive and retrieve digital product and technical information, in a standard form that can be read and reused throughout the product lifecycle. The multi-part standard is published as prEN/NAS-9300. The prostep ivip webinar will […]


New standards push LOTAR forward

1 October 2020

The LOTAR International project provides a platform where Aerospace companies jointly develop requirements and processes for standards-based long-term archiving and retrieval. New versions of these target standards specify how the data representing the extended set of business requirements that they support can be preserved over time. The publication of STEP AP242 Edition 2 in April […]


LOTAR Online Meeting 8 – 10 September 2020

11 August 2020

The next LOTAR International Meeting will be held on 8 – 10 September 2020. Due to the continuing restrictions concerning travel and face-to-face meetings in the context of Covid-19, this meeting will be held fully online, with two 2.5-hour sessions each day. The project leadership will get together the week before to compile a project status […]


Memorandum of Understanding between NAFEMS, AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip on behalf of LOTAR and CAE-IF

6 December 2019

To formalize the cooperation with the LOTAR Engineering Analysis and Simulation Working Group (EAS WG) and the CAE Interoperability Forum (CAE-IF), a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between NAFEMS and the associations supporting LOTAR and the CAE-IF: AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip. This MoU extends the first MoU between LOTAR EAS WG and NAFEMS in 2016. The objective is to accelerate wider implementation of the ISO STEP […]


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