LOTAR International Project venturing into new areas

12 April 2018

With the advancement of its key target data format standards, most of all STEP AP242 Edition 2, the LOTAR International project will conclude its recent development phase and move on to new topics in a variety of domains. For the planned extension of LOTAR towards long-term archiving and retrieval of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) data, […]


New parts of the LOTAR standard on their way to publication

7 December 2017

The LOTAR project finalized five parts of the EN/NAS standards series for long-term archiving and retrieval of product data and prepared the documents for publication. Part 020 on “Governance and Preservation Planning” describes how the processes and responsibilities defined in ISO 14721 (Open Archive Information System, OAIS) shall be mapped on the organizational structures of […]


LOTAR Workshop in St. Simons Island, USA

19 October 2016

The Engineering Analysis and Simulation (EAS) workgroup reached out to vendors of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software and related STEP interfaces by holding an online presentation during the recent LOTAR workshop, in cooperation with the CAx Implementor Forum (CAx-IF) and supported by NAFEMS, the worldwide CAE community. More than 30 participants from over 15 companies attended. […]


Memorandum of Understanding between LOTAR EAS and NAFEMS

8 August 2016

LOTAR International’s Engineering Analysis and Simulation Working Group and NAFEMS have issued a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in assisting CAE vendors to accelerate the development and implementation of the Standard for the Exchange of Product model data (ISO 10303), usually referred to as STEP, and to capture engineering analyses for long term archiving and retrieval (LOTAR). […]


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